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What Is E-Commerce Technology


What Is E-Commerce Technology

Commerce on the Internet means buying and selling items on the Net. But, e-commerce or electronic commerce means buying and selling items online. It may be a way of enabling business over the Net. Many companies set up their Web sites providing details of their products and services. Users can thus purchase items through credit cards. The Web surfer can also get information from a Web site and also put his/her query on a form. These forms are received by the Web site owner. In this way, the cost of publishing information is very low. Also, the orders placed by the customers will be executed speedily. For example, you can book air ticket, or railway reservation and make purchases through credit card over the Internet.

What Is E-Commerce TechnologyHave you seen number of television advertisements for Internet shopping? Shopping is now possible on the Internet. By selling/purchasing items over the Internet, companies save money in hiring workers. Moreover, we can make purchases sitting at home. Shops sell their goods at a much lower price and buyers are able to buy different variety of items without going to busy shopping centers.

Types of E-Commerce

There are following types of e-commerce available:

1. Business-to-Business or B to B

2. Business-to-Customer or B to C

3. Digital Middleman

Business-to-Business - It means a company selling or buying products from other companies.

Business-to-Customer – It means a company establishes a web site on the Internet. It provides information about products and services on the site. Customers can order products or get any other information from the site.

Digital Middleman – It means that a company provides information about several other companies on a web site. The company gathers data from companies which provide the same type of products say cars, computer hardware, etc or services such as travel and tourism, etc. A commission is then charged for each transaction.

Security Risks Associated With E-Commerce

E-Commerce systems are based upon Internet use, which provides open and easy communications on a global basis. However, because the Internet is unregulated, unmanaged and uncontrolled, it poses a wide range of risks and threats to the systems opening on it.

The use of the Internet means that your internal IT and e-commerce systems are potentially accessible by anyone, irrespective of their location.

Threats from hackers and the risks to business. Some of the more common threats that hackers pose to e-commerce systems include:

Carrying out denial-of-service (DoS) attacks that stop access to authorized users of a website, so that the site is forced to offer a reduced level of service or, in some cases, ceases operation completely.

Gaining access to sensitive data – such as price lists, catalogs and valuable intellectual property, and altering, destroying or copying it.

Altering your website, thereby damaging your image or directing your customers to another site.

Gaining access to financial information about your business or your customers, with a view to perpetrating fraud.

Using viruses to corrupt your business data. Impact of a security incident on the business.

If your website is hacked into, it can have a significant impact upon a business running an e-commerce service. The potential business implications of a security incident include the following:

A. Direct financial loss as a consequence of fraud or litigation.

B. Subsequent loss as a result of unwelcome publicity.

C. Criminal charges if you are found to be in breach of the Data Protection or Computer Misuse Acts, or other regulation on e-commerce.

D. Loss of market share if customer confidence is affected by a DoS attack. The image presented by your business, together with the brands under which you trade, are valuable assets. It is important to recognize that the use of e-commerce creates new ways for both image and brands to be attacked.

What Is E-Commerce Technology


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